Guangzhou Rbondone clothing co.,LTD, RBONDONE for short, is a company devoted to high-end clothing, leather shoes and tailoring leather products. It integrates product design, production and sales, brand operation into the development of the company and it is creating a wave of tailoring industry!

After twenty years’ experience of design, production and other aspects, it successfully becomes the pioneer in the field of tailoring in China. And in 2008, it acquired an Italian brand “RBONDONE” which had a history of hundreds of years. So this establishes its leading position in tailoring industry。

Tailoring inherits the centurial royal culture and runs through the traditional lifestyle of aristocracy. Its unique blue blood is destined with its birth. And tailoring has very high demand for material, design and craft, so Rbondone introduces Italian advanced manual tailoring craft and invites many top designers and craftsmen from Italy, England, etc. to work together and provide technical guidance. While perfectly inheriting European top craft, it takes advantage of modern management technology and makes various improvements of the process data. These enable the products to be fitter to the oriental shape and to conform to their dressing habits, and bring consumers unparalleled experience of tailoring。

Rbondone’s perfect attitude to tailoring will achieve the high quality of your life―――We keep trying.....!

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