一位富有传奇色彩的先锋人物Giotto di Bondone(乔托·迪·邦多纳)是意大利文艺复兴的开创者,其艺术创作引领了整个时代,被誉为“欧洲绘画之父”。
1858年,具有设计天赋的Bondone家族后裔Leone Bondone(里奥·邦多纳)是佛罗伦萨著名的服装设计师,他传承了Giotto质朴、清新、庄严、厚重的设计风格,赋予每件作品低调而不失奢华的自然审美境界,深受贵族名流的亲睐。Leone以家族文化为背景,将Renaissance(文艺复兴)的第一个字母“R”和家族名称Bondone相结合,创立了“RBONDONE”品牌,代表了家族当时的艺术地位和设计风格。经过数十年的发展,“RBONDONE”在艺术和商业上都获得了巨大的成功,在世界高级量身定制市场上形成了自己独特的风格。


The Italian Renaissance in the 15th century, a glorious era in European art history, earns Florence a good reputation of birthplace of Renaissance. Florence which is the most famous arts centre in Europe, is well-known throughout the world for arts and crafts, haute couture, and leather manufacturing。

Giotto di Bondone, who was a legendary pioneer of Italian Renaissance and whose artistic creations led the era, was known as “the Father of European Painting” 。

In 1858, a descent of the talented Bondone family called Leone Bondone was a famous fashion designer in Florence. He succeeded Giotto’s design style of unsophistication, purity, solemnity and heaviness, and endowed every work with natural beauty which was both low-profile and luxurious. His works won the favor of nobles and celebrities. On the basis of his family culture, Leone, combining the first letter “R” of “Renaissance” with his family name “Bondone”, created the brand RBONDONE which stood for the art status and design style of his family at that time. With the development for decades, RBONDONE achieved considerable success in both art and commerce, and developed an original style in global haute couture market。

RBONDONE regards natural material, perfect design and exquisite craftwork as the kernel of brand, values every link such as measuring, selecting, designing, manufacturing, and caring, and makes every product embody the art culture inherited by the Bondone family for centuries and the brand concept.....

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