Delve deep into the history of tailoring and you will find a number of master craftsmen who have provided exclusive service for loyal nobles for hundreds of years with concentration on tailoring. During the succession of centuries of arts and crafts, they, maintaining perfect process standards and working with great care, have become outstanding inheritors。

Rbondone is a dream. It is a self-portrait in which the artist probes his mind and searches for real self。

It has been two hundred years since the first industry revolution. Mass production, an efficient mode of production, has created enormous material wealth for the whole world. However, at the same time, it has produced piles of mechanical copies with no character which cover most of people walking on the surface of the globe. Just because of this, Rbondone initiates an individualized and handmade lifestyle by which distinctive individuals can show their creativity, make their life natural and elegant which touches the soul, and leave their unique footprints on the way of precious life journey.....

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